Synthesis n. / sinTHeses/ vs. Synthesus n. /sinthesUS/

The combination of elements to form a unified entity. vs. The collective power of putting “US” to work.

Orchestrated Operations

Perform in perfect harmony

Synthesus helps synthesize your resources to maximize their benefit to your business. Unlike traditional consulting models, our fractional model grants small and mid-sized organizations an affordable way to gain executive-level talent in a cost-effective way, benefitting from decades of experience in all segments of operations, including finance, HR, IT, communications and more.

Synthesize your people

People are your most important asset. We ensure you have the right people in the right roles doing the right things for seamless performance.


Synthesize your dollars

We study your expenses to uncover efficiencies, assess utilization and increase profitability.


Synthesize your technology

We eliminate the silos holding your departments back, modernizing and uniting disparate utilizations of
technology for optimal performance.


Ready to combine your organization’s disparate parts into a larger strategy?